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Limitless creates, advances and shares information through a range of thought leadership initiatives, including public speaking at conferences or trade events, roundtable discussions, research studies and commentary articles and features in the media. In 2009, we have conveyed our expertise, opinions and recommendations to audiences at Cityscape Abu Dhabi, Map Middle East and Congress for new Urbanism, and conducted an indepth study into the walking habits of residents in Dubai.
  • Raise the thermostat to reduce energy consumption

    Changes in human behaviour and urban design essential for environmental sustainability Turning up the air conditioning temperature by just a few degrees will reduce energy consumption and dramatically cut costs to businesses and homes, says Limitless, the global real estate master developer.  Air conditioning uses 40 per cent of the UAE’s...

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  • Stay eco-conscious now to be stronger later

    Sustainability must remain high on the agenda for developers during the global downturn, or they could find themselves lagging behind once markets begin to improve, according to Doug Kelbaugh, our Executive Director Design and Planning. “When economic survival is at stake, seemingly less important matters such as environmental sustainability are...

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