About Us

Corporate Social Responsibility

Limitless cares passionately about the way in which we interact with and affect society and our stakeholders. We strive to explore our impact on the environment, observe and implement high standards of ethical behaviour, provide employees with opportunities to excel, and give back to the communities where we live and do business.
Internally, the Limitless ‘green committee’ meets regularly to look at ways we can reduce our own environmental impact. Recent initiatives have included the phasing out of plastic water bottles in our offices, the introduction of recycling schemes, and a reduction in the amount of printer paper used.
Externally, our focus is on supporting two areas: the environment and education. By partnering with renowned and respected organisations in these fields, we can ensure that our actions and efforts translate into tangible benefits.
Limitless is also championing the principles of sustainable development by implementing stringent guidelines to ensure that third party developers working on our projects behave in an environmentally responsible manner.
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