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Limitless has received bids from 10 construction companies for the first phase of the major earthworks on its US$11 billion Arabian Canal project, the company announced today (Sunday). 

Proposals from local and international firms are currently being assessed, and contracts will be awarded by the end of August.

Ian Raine, Project Director for the Arabian Canal said: “Construction of the canal involves one of the biggest excavations ever undertaken in the region. The sheer size of the project means that it will be split into around 10 different packages in total.

“This first package involves the excavation of an 8km stretch of the waterway at the northern end of the inland section of the canal. It will run 2.5km to the west of the Dubai bypass and 5.5km to the east.”

Earlier this month, Limitless announced that pilot excavation work on the 75km canal has shifted more than 1.5 million cubic metres of earth – enough to fill 600 Olympic-size swimming pools.

Raine added: “Our test excavation has left a huge hole 700 metres long, 200 metres wide and up to 45 metres deep. Yet this is less than a quarter of a per cent of the total amount of earth to be moved. Overall, more than a billion cubic metres will be excavated – and re-used to form new landscapes along the waterway.” 

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