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<p>Limitless, the global integrated real estate development arm of Dubai World,&nbsp; today launched a press and outdoor campaign in the UAE for its development project in Dubai &ndash; Downtown Jebel Ali; a 200 hectare urban centre that will stretch for 11 kilometres beside Sheikh Zayed Road.<br /> <br /> The campaign represents real people of different ages, sexes and social status, who make up a diverse community that has chosen to live in a balanced environment. Limitless&rsquo; human approach was central to this unique project. It is inspired by a community spirit in an environment where people choose to live; rather than have to live. The campaign slogan &ldquo;A Place that lives&rdquo; reflects Limitless&rsquo; commitment to creating a distinctive urban development that is built around people&rsquo;s needs, real life and a real community.<br /> <br /> Saeed Ahmed Saeed, Chief Executive Officer of Limitless said, <br /> &ldquo;The Campaign reflects the reason behind our project. Downtown Jebel Ali will be more than a development, it will be a living, breathing community where public spaces between the buildings &ndash; the streets, parks and plazas &ndash; matter as much as the buildings themselves. With a lifestyle to reflect some of the world&rsquo;s most vibrant cities, Downtown Jebel Ali will be the heartbeat of the new Dubai&rdquo;<br /> <br /> Downtown Jebel Ali will serve around 235,000 people, 70,000 of whom will be residents. Set in the heart of Dubai&rsquo;s new commercial and employment hub, Downtown Jebel Ali will occupy the 11 kilometre stretch on Sheikh Zayed Road between the Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai Waterfront and Techno Park. Also, it will be the gateway to Dubai&rsquo;s new international airport and surrounding developments.<br /> <br /> Development of Downtown Jebel Ali is well underway and the first four commercial buildings will be completed by mid-2007, with completion of the infrastructure works scheduled for 2009.<br /> <br /> &ndash;ends &ndash;</p>
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